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For several years Elena Savó Fashion Company is organising huge fashion shows, dedicated to the Opening of the Milan Fashion Week.

We seek to unite talents – designers, who could demonstrate their authentic style and bring new emotions and trends in fashion.

Our Company is growing yearly, we know what does it mean – to begin from zero and to achieve real results!

It is a great chance to demonstrate the brand’s potential and to stand out of a crowd – we know how high the competition is, and how difficult it might be for a designer to attract attention to the brand and get business contacts that will really work.

We organise the magnificent performance at the European fashion stage, which helps to discover new talents and to connect fashion involved people.

We are a team of professionals – we know which place to select and who to invite. We have already connected many designers from all over the world : Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, UAE, Egypt, Jordan and others.

Want to try and succeed?

Join us now!